5 tent wedding mistakes every bride makes.

Most brides planning a tent wedding don't know where to start

1. Booking your tent late

2. Misunderstanding your tent's footprint

3. Underestimating your tent size

4. Not renting enough furniture

5. Choosing a bad tent location

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1. Booking your tent late

Attempting to book a wedding tent less than 3 months in advance will result in you getting frustrated with the lack of availability. You will have multiple phone calls ending the same way: “Sorry, but we’re all booked up that day”. 


We recommend booking your tent at least 9 to 12 months in advance where possible, 6 months at the latest. The more time you give yourself, the more options you will have. Using our ultimate tent wedding checklist can help you to know how to coordinate your other wedding professionals around your tents setup.


Did you know that ignoring your tent’s “footprint” can affect where you put your wedding tent? 


Next, we’ll help you understand how important tent foot print really is. 

2. Misunderstanding your tent's footprint

Too little space around the tent will affect the look, functionality, and safety of your wedding.


The footprint of the tent is the useable space within the tent plus, the area around the tent which is used for the ropes and stakes that safely hold it in the ground. We recommend giving yourself 5 feet on all sides of the tent, so if you had a 30 x 50 tent you would need a footprint of 40 x 60. 


You can also request a layout of the desired tent to see a top-down view or the footprint. If there is enough space for the footprint, then you automatically have enough space for the actual tent. If in doubt you can also request a site visit from your tent company, generally for a small fee it will be worth having a professional come out, measure, and make suggestions. 


Did you know most brides and grooms get stuck with a smaller tent than they need? 


Next we’ll help you understand how to properly estimate your tent size.

3. Underestimating your tent size

Too small of a tent will cost you guest comfort & safety, and without proper social or physical distancing, it’s almost impossible to have a positive & memorable experience. 


We recommend you request a layout that has all the items and areas that you want inside your tent. This graphic will help you visualize where each item will be placed. A few examples to consider include; guest tables spaced 6 feet apart, head table, dance floor, bar, food service area, cake, gifts, guest book etc. 


Once you decide on your layout you will know how many guests you can fit and still keep things comfortable and nicely spaced.


Did you know tent weddings are more likely to have unexpected but welcomed guests? 


Next, we’ll explain how to prepare for these guests. 

4. Not renting enough furniture

Not having enough furniture for your guests will leave them feeling uncomfortable and unwelcome.


Since tent weddings are usually more casual, guests will often RSVP at the last minute, altering your needs late in the game. However, if you don’t pre-plan for this you could have guests standing out in the elements or squished in when the tent walls go up because of the weather.


We recommend renting extras at about 10 % - 15% of your guests count. e.g. 50 guests would need an extra 5 - 8 chairs, 1 - 2 extra tables and about 15 - 20 ft of tent for room for caterers equipment, dance floor, mingling space, etc. Reminder, don’t forget to include wedding professionals in your seat count. 


Did you know that selecting a bad tent location can disrupt all your tent wedding plans? 


Next, we’ll explain how to avoid bad locations.

5. Choosing a bad tent location

Choosing a bad location for the tent happens quite often, most couples don’t know what things above and below the ground to consider.


Below the ground, you must avoid areas with underground utility cables i.e. hydro, gas, telephone, internet. Next, you will need to consider and avoid underground sprinkler systems and any smaller electrical wiring that may have been put in by the property owners. We can help you get utility line location services taken care of in advance.


Above ground, you will need to have safe distances away from permanent structures i.e garages, sheds, and houses. Be sure to consider how someone or something i.e. lawnmowers, tractors, vehicles will be able to get around the tent.

Did you know most Wedding couples get frustrated because they don’t know all the mistakes to avoid while planning a tent wedding? Tentation Rentals can help you learn and avoid them

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