6 solid benefits of you renting from Tentation Rentals

1.  You get to look good

We help you to put up a impressive tents, tables or chairs which will give your event a great image.

2. You pay less money up front

We help you to keep more money in your pocket by only requiring a 50% retainer (and a signed contract) to hold your date.

3.  You get early setups

You get early setups / deliveries (dependent on weather & scheduling)

Most companies setup/ deliver by 5 pm on a Friday we aim to deliver your tent by Wednesday/ Thursday  so you get more time to decorate and setup.

4. You have online Reservation (subject to availability)

Most companies require you to call first, we offer Instant reservation and then once the contract is signed electronically and all details are confirmed you're rental is secure.

* you will need to speak to human eventually

5. You do  less physical work.

Most companies require you to re-pack & stack tables & chairs. Don't worry as long as they're all cleared off we'll restack your tables & chairs for you.  

6. You don't get the cheapest.

Why should you care about cheap tent/ event rental companies? Because with a cheap company,

6.1. You may get rental equipment that is old, ugly & discoloured & dirty. 

6.2. You get setup late. 

6.3. You may get very little to no customer service.

6.4. You may get rude unprofessional staff.

6.5. You may get someone who's not serious about providing a service (could disappear overnight) 

6.6. You will be liable (for damage, Injury or death) if they have no equipment or liability insurance.

6.7. You may get a bad or awful looking tent when setup is complete.

6.8. You will be embarrassed to have their product at your event.

Bonus:  You get FREE resources.

We help you to feel confident by providing free resources to understand how to rent a tent i.e. 8 mistakes to avoid, weather/ rain plans, Electrical power worksheets etc

**Ask us about the special discount for Fairs / Festivals / Community Events ***

**Conditions apply**

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